What is WizzTime & How It Works?

A lot of projects fail or get delayed because they are not tracked properly. With WizzTime, you can keep a check on key project parameters at all times. What is WizzTime? It is a comprehensive project dashboard that helps you in monitoring each activity in terms of hours spent, productivity, delay, and various other parameters.

WizzTime runs in the background and has an automated time tracking feature, which would determine the number of hours that a user spent on a project, task or application. This is done by checking the duration for which the user actively used the work-related software. WizzTime is a blessing for project managers who need to keep a check on the project status at all times. While using this amazing technological platform, they are always aware of the updated project status without querying each of the resources individually.

Now the managers easily know the status of each task whether it is on-time or delayed and how much percentage of the task is completed, without asking the team members. If any task is deviating from its timelines, an indicator will be shown beside the task so that manager can take a corrective action. WizzTime provides you a very flexible report generator where you can generate various reports to find the time spent on each project or task or document, by the user and between a selected date range.

Summary Sheet

The summary sheet is one of the key features of WizzTime. It highlights the active hours and away hours related to a project. The active time highlights the duration which a resource has spent working on the project while away hours show the time frame when a resource was not present at his seat. However, if you have been away taking work-related calls, attending meetings, this duration can be entered manually as active hours.

Wizz Summary Sheet
WizzTime Tasks


As compared to a lot of other project tracking and management software, WizzTime has a much simpler interface and you do not need to be tech-savvy to use it. If you have developed a project plan in MS Project, the entire file can be imported in WizzTime or add them manually. You can select the resources for each task. Along with that, you can keep a check on the completion level of each task. WizzTime automatically compares the planned progress with actual progress and highlights the delay. Project Managers can extract status reports indicating the tasks on time and the delayed tasks.

Project Statistics

The Project Statistics feature gives a complete picture of the project. You can view the total number of hours used in the project by each resource. Find out the resources who are effectively working on the project and who are not.

WizzTime Project Statistics

Powerful, Elegant Reporting, by the Minute, Day, Month, or Project

With Wizztime, managers can apply various filters to the data recorded and extract reports as per their needs. For instance, if you want to check the activities of a User, you can get the “Detailed User Activity” report. Similarly, project report highlighting the duration of each task can be generated as well.

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