Feature Highlights


Automated Time Tracker

WizzTime tracks the time spent by the user on every application he used and the document opened. You have the flexibility to work on multiple application or documents at a time. Wiztime automatically captures the timings of each of them separately. WizzTime automatically detects how long you’ve been idle and subtracts it from the total time. So you can get exact worked time.

User Dashboard

Manager Dashboard


Live Updates

The recorded user time logs will be uploaded to the server at regular intervals. So you always see the live status of the project and tasks and you never see an out-of date report. Delay indicators help you to easily find which project or task is running late. Automatically calculates and shows you the difference between planned and actual progress.


Task Management & Tracking

You can add each task manually or you can import your tasks from Microsoft Project into WizzTime, assign resources to the tasks and start monitoring the progress. WizzTime automatically highlights the tasks that are getting delayed by showing a red circle in the Status column.

Task List with it's current status

Project wise worked hours report


Powerful Reports

WizzTime reports are provided with various search filters to search through the recorded data. You can perform different search operations to get the required output. The search result will be displayed in a convenient textual format. With these different search filters, you can find the actual time worked by a user on a particular document, application or in a period of time. The report data can be exported into Excel and other application, which helps you in further evaluation and presentation.

  • Project Statistics

    Find out the current status of the project, total hours spent, status of each task and the resource utilization

  • Away Time Logger

    Capture the time you spent away from your computer like meetings, phone calls etc. and assign them to a project if needed

  • Manual Time Entry

    When you work away from office or work from home, you can still add those hours to project and get them counted

Project Statistics

Away Time Logger

Manual Time Entry

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